What is MUSE Editor?

MUSE provides a cutting-edge proofreading engine, called Quantum Engine, built on top of deep learning aglorithms. A text is partitioned by literal words with parts-of-speech at a lexical level. Each word is analyzed with N-gram based statistical information learned from corpora correctly written in English. At a syntactic level, the phrases and the clauses are evaluated with linking verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. Quantum Engine generates all the possible word lattices in a directed graph, and traverses all the paths to suggest the most appropriate sentence.

What is Quantum Engine?

It takes full advantage of the so-called "Quantum" algorithms to reduce the number of cases in the process of all the generative rules. Each generative rule is roughly applied for error spots in the directed graph, where some word lattices are spawned and pruned off. At a higher level, it finally takes semantic dependency into account to resolve the long distance problems such as tense, conjuncts, fragments, and pronoun reference problems. Quantum Engine works with deep learning structures and algorithms to provide more sophisticated corrections on wrong sentences.

What does MUSE do?

Muse will attempt to understand your textual language, oral language, and yourself. Finally, Muse will communicate with you as a whole.